In the middle of Scandinavia in the beautiful surroundings of the river Saxån, near Thule stones in V.Strö village you will find our accommodation as we are open year round. We who are welcoming you to stay on the farm are Titti and Ingemar Persmarken. The family also includes our dog..

You will also find that it is walking distance to the greenery of beech forest, the castles of Trollenäs and Trolleholm and their beautiful parks. If you are eating your Christmas dinner at Trollenäs castle or participating in any other event at the castles it is close to a comfortable stay here. Ride to and from Christmas dinner can be arranged if it is planned in advance.

By car it takes few minutes to reach Eslöv, which is the nearest town and it is also not far from Lund. Copenhagen can be reached easily with train (Pågatågen) from Eslöv.


All prices include bed sheets and towels. Free Wifi. Satelit TV.

The apartment: SEK900/night.

Single room: SEK550/night. 

Double rooms: SEK650/night. 

Extra bed: SEK200 per person per night. 

Breakfast: SEK65/person. 

Free Wfi
No smoking nor pets.
You can pay by credit card.

Information about the near eateries or restaurants and cultural events are available.
Business with the opening hours of 8:00 to 21:00 in Eslöv.